Welkom bij BonteHond. Wij maken het minst volwassen jeugdtheater van Nederland.
(Of juist het meest?)


Yes, BonteHond is a Dutch theatregroup. But we’ve always been open to broadening our horizons, both mentally and physically. In the past we’ve toured internationally with productions like ‘Wanted: Rabbit’, ‘iPet’ and ‘GET’M’ to countries like India, The US, Russia and Israel.

Our current performance SUPERSLOW is also Language No Problem and therefore very suitable for both a young as well as an international audience. We offer this fearlessly fearful hip-hop performance for international purposes since 2022.

In addition to our touring productions we’ve shifted our international focus in the past few years more to durable connections in long term exchanges. Finding new ways to share inspiration, values, knowledge and expertise interculturally. A great way to develop artistically and allow cultural diversity to sink in even more deeply into the DNA of BonteHond.

If we haven’t met before, please let us know whenever you’re in the Netherlands so we can arrange a meet-up. Whenever you would like to receive information or want to discuss any questions please contact Millie Lijbers: millie@bontehond.net

About Us

BonteHond makes bold and accessible theatre for all ages in theatres and at other exciting locations. Situated in the youngest city of the Netherlands; Almere, BonteHond performs in theatres, at festivals, schools and special (outdoor) locations throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond. With a current average of six medium sized and small scale productions per year, its public activities and its own educational program KIDD, BonteHond also reaches people who are not yet familiar with arts and culture.

Fun fact: ‘BonteHond’ is a name you could give to an eccentric person, an underdog who doesn’t fit in. Even more fun: the literal translation of ‘BonteHond’ is ‘Colourful Dog’.


No upcoming shows planned yet